Friday, 26 January 2018

Groomer talk - Grooming an English Cocker Spaniël

The teachers told me that in the second year of dog grooming, one would know which breed they would enjoy grooming the most. And I have found mine!
The English Cocker Spaniel is a breed I have know since I was a kid, so I know there loving personalities. They are stubborn, loud, but very loving and kind. It's a breed that has a lot of energy but can also be very lazy.  

Friday, 3 November 2017

Groomer talk - Groomania 2017 through a visitors eyes

Hi everyone,
let's talk about an event that was a huge motivation for me to start my second year of dog grooming. With school we went to  Groomania, which is a grooming competition held in Kortrijk Belgium. There are competitors from all over the world so it's interesting to see everybody's grooming style.
 I also loved the seminars but I didn't like that it took so long to translate everything in three different languages. I understand that not everybody speaks Dutch but English and French and Dutch was just a bit to much in my opinion. Other than that it was an overall great experience. I think every starting groomer or student should visit a grooming competition ones during their start or course, just because I think it gives so much motivation.
Maybe one day, I will give it a try myself, but first, lets try to make it through this school year.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Beauty - Kiko eyeshadow

Hi loves, 

time for a new blogpost! This one is about these beautiful eye shadow colors from Kiko Cosmetics.
Kiko always has different eye shadows in their collection that change up every few weeks. These eye shadows are from their permanent range so these are always available.  I've got a quite big amount of single eyeshadows from their permantent range, as they are super affordable, and have a nice pigmentation.
They have many different options going from mat to shimmers. As you can see I bought 2 shimmers and mat to see if the pigmentation is a lot different. I must say the shimmers are a bit more of a buttery texture, while the mat eye shadows are more chalky.  Overall the eyeshadows have a decent pigmentation and I love using them. They come at €2,90 so not much at all!

Friday, 6 October 2017

Groomer talk - first time scissoring a dog

So I had my first time scissoring a dog and it was nerve wrecking! My hands were shaking and I was so scared to do it wrong, but I  had to push past my fear.
I do think I did a decent job for the first time although I do see things that can be better. 
I didn't have a decent dryer so I couldn't get all the curls out of the dog, so the hairs could have been straighter. The scissoring part itself could have been more clean, but at least I'm less nervous for the second time. Overall I'm happy with the result and the dog's owner was very very pleased!  She even bought me chocolates!

Friday, 1 September 2017

Groomer talk - CRUFTS 2017 - my experience and lots of photo's

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog.
Even though crufts has passed, I still wanted to blog about my experience on the first dog show I visited. Let me start with the journey.
I live in Belgium and Crufts is in Birmingham England so you can guess it was a pretty long journey. Leaving at 1AM and arriving at 3PM  is very exhausting! Sitting for so long really didn't help with my lower back pains, but boy was it worth it! On the first day we focused most on the shows and less on the shopping part. I didn't really know what to expect but the event was huge! It was almost impossible to find our way around. Luckily I had a few friends with me who were good at reading maps. I recommend discussing what you want to see in advance if you go with a small group, so everyone get's to see what they want.
We watched a few agility shows and a few judgings but in the end we spended most of the time at the big hall were you could watch the fly-ball competition. It was the first time every seeing this sport! It was amazing! Seeing the pumped up trainers and the over excited dogs. I had to laugh pretty much every time a new team came on as most trainers had to hold their dogs up. They were to excited to start playing.
I'm very happy I to my professional camera with me as I managed to take pictures of so many breeds! They were all groomed to perfection so it was a great opportunity to see!
Keep in mind that this post has over 30 photo's !

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