Monday, 8 February 2016

Kiko radiant powder

Let's all take a moment to look at the packaging from this powder. It looks and feels so expensive, but it was only €14,90. This powder is new in the collection and they also come with a range of blushes and also bronzer. For a basic makeup powder they have two options: the radiant fusion powder (this one) and the matte fusion pressed powder. Since I still have a bit of my MAC powder left, I decided to go for the radiant fusion one in stead. 
This one is suppose to give you a nice glow without making you look like a discobal. Just a nice healthy glow. The first day I tried this powder out, I got a complement from someone, telling me I looked so glowing. Kiko did it's job good. 
Now when I use a powder I don't just use it for a nice glow, but also to keep my foundation longer. It's not as good as the MAC one at that point, but it works fine for me. My makeup doesn't crease, doesn't look cakey but looks really healthy. At first I preferred the MAC one, but that was because of the matte finish. Now I think it's a tie. They both work great and have a different finish so I like to switch them up a bit. Have you tried out any of these powders or blushes?

Friday, 5 February 2016

My birthday makeup - Tutorial

Hi guys,

today it a bit different:  it's time for a tutorial! I decided to do my makeup in front of my camera so you could see how I did it. It's actually a pretty neutral makeup look  and very easy to create.
Hope you guys like it and if you have any tips or questions feel free to ask.

xoxo Jana

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Kiko clics system eyeshadow - Golden coral, Golden red and Pearly dark wisteria

Let's all  take a moment to appreciate Kiko for this genius system.  I know lots of makeup artists don't like to collect single eye shadows in their makeup cases. Kiko  came with the single eye shadows that can be clicked in a palette, which you can also buy in their store or you can buy a Z-palette. For those that do like to collect the single eye shadows and don't mind the bulkiness, you can buy these click eye shadows and use the clear lid to keep them from going bad. 
I prefer to keep  them with the lid so I can actually see what color I have (so I don't buy the same ones again!). As a recommendation  from my niece, who is a makeup artist, I decided to invest in some warm-toned eye shadows. At least two of them are warm-toned. I couldn't help myself when I saw the purple shade and I just had to have it. For only €2,40 each, it was a total bargain. The pigmentation is amazing and they feel really soft. They are easy to blend and don't have a lot of fallout.
I've got the colors 205 Golden Coral which is as it said, a nice peachy-coral shade with a bit of a golden shimmer to it. Next up is 209 Golden red, a red shade with golden shimmer, and last but not least: 246 Pearly dark wisteria, a soft purple with silver shimmer to it.
I feel like these ones a just as great as the MAC eye shadows but only for a fraction of the price. Where MAC eye shadows are €19, these are only €2,40 so you can buy 7 eye shadows in stead of just one color! I'm addicted to these and am thinking of buying more of the click eye shadows. For those of you curious, you will find swatches at the last photo! 

Monday, 25 January 2016

Kiko cream crush eyeshadow - 04 mat taupe and 05 pearly silver rose

So Kiko has done it again! I'm obsessed by these cream crush eye shadows. 
I never tried cream based eye shadows so I was a bit hesitant about these. I swatched them in the store so I knew they where really pigmented, but I wasn't sure if these would last long enough on my oily eyelids. Since Kiko isn't expensive I just decided to go for it and I bought the shade 05 in Pearly silver rose, to wear on Christmas eve. 
My  outfit was black and silver and I wanted to  wear something glittery on my eyelids.
This cream crush eye shadow applied  really soft and easy. It wasn't hard to blend, which I was scared of, but it blended out super easy. The product didn't move on my eyelids, didn't crease and stayed perfect in place all night so I was very happily surprised.  
The shade 04 in Mat taupe is, as it says, a mat taupe color. it looks a bit more on the purple side i thought but still looks absolutely stunning. I find this shade a bit more difficult to blend as it is such a pigmented color. It's really opaque so I like to blend the edges with a really clean brush. 
These two in combination are a match made in heaven and i'm thinking of wearing this for my birthday (which is this month btw!). 
If you are like me, afraid to try cream eye shadows, just go and buy one of these. These are super affordable, even less expensive then the Maybelline color tattoo's, and only cost €6.90

Friday, 22 January 2016

Ken shoes - early birthday present

Hi everyone, today I'm talking about my biggest obsession: Shoes. 
If it were up to me, I would buy a pair everyday. Unfortunately my bank-account doesn't allow that, so I don't have that much shoes. On Tuesday 26th, I'm turning 23 and I wanted to buy something I knew I would use and really like. These shoes have caught my eyes in August and ever since them, I have been eyeing them. I tried them on few times, but could not justify to spend €250,00 on two pairs of shoes. The ones with the heel were the most expensive and since I can't wear heels to work I could not give €150,00 to a pair of heeled booties. 
Luckily my birthday is around the sales, so when I saw they were half the price, I said to myself: 'Okay girl, it's your bloody birthday! Spoil yourself, you earned it!' 
And so I did...
The low boots are from the brand Poelmans, and the high heels are from Barbara Bucci for those who were wondering. 
I'm planning on doing an outfitpost wearing them so keep an eye out for that! 

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