Monday, 27 July 2015

Beautiful Amsterdam - the journey

I'm back from Amsterdam after four days of shopping, sightseeing and eating loads of unhealthy food. I had such a fun time with my boyfriend, but unlike our previous vacation, we didn't had the time to completely relax. I warned my boyfriend that we would be shopping a lot and that if it was to much for him, he just had to say so and we would take a break. I'm proud to say that he survived my shop addiction. He never complained, always wanted to carry my bags (such a sweetheart!) and always gave his honest opinion about the items I showed him. 

As a reward, we went swimming in the hotel every day (probably also to burn some calories after eating all that junk food). The hotel was just stunning. We stayed at the Westcord Fashion hotel for three nights and I can't say anything bad about it. The room was fancy and modern, with a small bathroom. It was big enough to have a bath, a walk  in shower and a sink (yes there was a toilet as well but in a different section).  I can't say anything bad about the hotel or the staff that worked there, so definitely check this place out if you are looking for a great hotel. 
When I went to amsterdam I wanted to visit shops that aren't in Hasselt like Topshop, Costes, Kiko, Flormar, the nine streets and so one. As expected I bought a few things that I will show in another post. 
What we also wanted to do was go to the Hard Rock Café and the house of Anne Frank. We didn't end up going to Anne Franks house because the waiting line was just crazy long, but we did went to the Hard Rock Café. My personal opinion? Bad service, unfriendly staff and way to expensive for drinks or burgers. It was nice visiting the shop and having a quick drink, but I wouldn't go back next time. 
I must say  that Amsterdam is my second favorite place to shop (London rules, sorry!) and I already want to go back so badly, but maybe I should save some money first. 
Until next time Amsterdam. 
xoxo Jana

PS:  I decided to stop blogging in English and Dutch at the same time since it was to hard to keep up with while working a fulltime job. I'm now only blogging in English on 
Thank you for understanding! 

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  1. Heel leuke foto's meid! Oh, en nu heb ik ook zin in een frappuccino caramel :(


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