Wednesday, 29 July 2015

P2 - high line

Let's all thank Melissa from  Melfortune for this beautiful lipstick! She was so kind to bring this one from Germany as we don't have P2 in Belgium. This color is totally me, she said, so of course I tried it out as soon as possible (after taking photo's of course). 
This purple shade is just to die for and just like the other shades I got from P2, this one is very pigmented. I think this is perfect color for making your teeth look whiter, at least I think mine look whiter then before. 
The color applies very smooth and soft with a perfect coverage in only one application.It doesn't feel sticky or dry but just soft as butter. 
It does fade faster then matte colors but that is perfectly normal. The packaging is pretty simple but sturdy, just perfect. 

xoxo Jana


  1. Die staat u echt heel mooi, heb ik goed gekozen haha! :D


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