Monday, 3 August 2015

Beautiful Amsterdam - what I bought

It's been a while since I did a haul on my blog, but when I returned from Amsterdam, I decided that this would be perfect to show on my blog. I must say  that Amsterdam is such a nice place to shop. It has it's big street with shops like Costes, H&M, Zara, Topshop and much more, but it also has 'the nine streets' where you can find unique items in shops like Smaak, Pretty Rings, Kookai, Shoe{diction (yes that's spelled with a { in between) and l'étoile de saint honoré (a shop with beautiful vintage bags, belts and wallets).  
I decided to only buy things in shops we didn't have in Hasselt and I managed to do so. In Costes I bought a nice long-sleeved dress, a flannel shirt, and a cute sleeveless shirt. At Topshop I scored my very first item: suede ankle boots in a camel color that I absolutely love, and a pair or jonni jeans that are really high waisted. Ofcouse I had to buy something in 'the nine streets' and I went for a nice bracelet from Smaak to go with my new shoes. The ring, I got as a gift from my boyfriend, is from And other stories. of course makeup had to be on my shopping list so I went to the two stores they didn't have in Hasselt: Flormar and Kiko. What I bought will be reviewed so stay tunned! And last but not least, I bought a mug from Starbucks as a reminder from my amazing trip to Amsterdam!   

xoxo Jana

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