Monday, 17 August 2015

Flormar waterproof lipliner

I never used lipliners until recently. I tried the cheap ones from essence for only 0.99€ and I really liked them, so when I was in Amsterdam and I couldn't find a nice lipstick from Flormar, I decided to try out their lipliners. I went for my typical berry shade and a classic red one. The packaging is pretty simple and the lid gives away which color it is. I must say that it doesn't apply a easy as the essence lipliners, but damn they are gorgeous! 
I was thinking that the red shade would be a bit to red for me, but this actually turned out to be my favorite. These lipliners last a pretty long time before fading so I pretty pleased with that. They might not be 100% waterproof, but at least they last longer then the lipliners from Essence. 
For only 3.95€ each I think you get very good lipliners. Now let's hope Flormar will come to Belgium one day. 

xoxo Jana


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