Wednesday, 12 August 2015

NYC expert last lip color - creamy mauve

I don't  know what I was thinking when I bought this lipstick as I usually don't wear pale pink colors. They  just don't suit my complexion and make me look like a barbie doll. Even though this one has a decent pigmentation, I just don't like it. It looks patchy  and sets in the creases of my lips which isn't something I want with a lipstick. It applies smooth and soft but has a very sweet scent to it. Not vanilla sweet like mac but more like candy you get bored of after eating it to much. 
Not my favorite scent. 
Don't think this lipstick is all bad because it just isn't my color. I'm thinking of buying a more darker shade to try out but I haven't figured out which one. 
I'm also a bit dissapointed by the packaging. Not with how it looks, I think it looks decent for such a small price, but that it leaves out information. On the website on NYC this lipstick is in the 'matte' color range, but it doesn't mention it on the packaging. I personally didn't know it was suppose to be a matte lipstick (it doesn't look matte on the pictures, does it?). 
If I have to give this one a score, it would probably be a 3.5/10.

- Great pigmentation
- Easy to  apply
- decent packaging
- Price

- very  sweet scent
- sets in the fine lines
- lacks information on the packaging

xoxo Jana 

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  1. Wat een mooi effect! Love it.



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