Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sunday talk - A new beginning

Hi and welcome to my new blog! I think it's safe to say that I really needed a change, something that looked a bit more professional and inviting. I wanted something that I could be proud of which wasn't the case with my previous blog. I had to make some decisions and I must say that making decisions isn't my forte. I wanted my layout to be elegant, light and fresh, but finding one that I actually liked wasn't that easy. Luckily I had to help me with my new website, and I must say that it looks pretty awesome.  Another decision I had to make was the language I was going to write in. Even though Dutch is my native language, I went for English. I used to blog in English as well as in Dutch but it was just to much work with translating everything. 
Now i'm at a point where I want to give everything to just one blog. I hope you guys think it looks good and if any of you have some tips to make it even better, feel free to comment! 

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