Monday, 9 November 2015

Fall favorites part one - Makeup

When October ended, I thought: Why on earth haven't I done a favorites post in ages? 
Well... because my favorites don't often change but during fall I  tend to use different products then during summer, winter or spring. So why the heck not? Here are my favorites for fall!

First up we've got a new concealer that my best friend got me when she went to London. I decided not to do a review on it as the letters on the packaging faded really quickly. Eventhough the packaging is really cheap, the concealer does its job really well. Its not to thick or sticky but its creamy and blends really well. 

Another favorite product is this foundation from loreal. i have the most oily skin ever so its pretty difficult to find a foundation that is matte enough for me. When they came out with this foundation i was using another foundation from them which i really liked, so i decided to go for it and buy this one. Its absolutely perfect for me! It keeps my face matte during most of the day. It doesnt set in the fine lines or gets patchy looking but it feels light on the skin.  
Next up we have my favorite blush and powder. 
For blush i went with one from kiko cosmetics and i'm very excited to tell you that kiko is finally comming to hasselt! This blush i picked up in Amsterdam and i love the warm tone it has. It gives my pale skin a bit more life to it. Very happy with this one. 

For powder i went a bit more expensive...mac.
As you can  see I have hit pan on this one, which isn't that rare as I use it every  day to 
set my foundation and concealer. 
I found that it gives a more natural look to my foundation and it helps to keep 
my makeup in place for almost an entire day. 
It might be a bit expensive but it's worth the money to me. 
For eyeshadow, I went with one that was my favorite last year.
 It's such a pretty burgundy color with a little bit of glitter to it. 
The pigmentation is amazing especially since the eyeshadow itself was only €5,00. 
Inglot is a great brand so  maybe I should get more eyeshadows?
Lastly, my favorite lipsticks. 
This time I opted for three different colors: a bright red one, a burgundy one and a darker red. 
I wanted to keep in mind that not everyone wants to spent €20,00 on a lipstick so I 
also added two budget friendly lipsticks. 
The first lipstick I added to my favorites is après chic from MAC. 
The dark red is perfect for this fall wheater and it's creamy texture doesn't dry out the lips. 
Next we have a nice burgundy color from Kiko. I love the lipsticks from kiko as they 
have the same quality as the mac ones. 
Last but not least I added in one from L'oreal. 
This bright red lipstick is Blake's pure red and will give your dark outfit a bit more color. 
I'm actually thinking of wearing this one at Christmas!

Which are you favorite makeup items?

xoxo Jana 

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