Friday, 8 January 2016

Collective haul (Hasselt and Amsterdam)

Hey guys, it's been a while since I posted a haul but I've recently visited Amsterdam and did some damage there. I also added in a few bits I picked up at Hasselt before going to Amsterdam so if you are curious keep reading. 

PS: this is not a post to brag about what I bought. I've worked hard for my money and this was to treat myself. A lot of the makeup is from a giftcard so it's basically a present from my boyfriend.If you don't like hauls, just skip this blog please. 
Thank you ! 

On the first picture you see a mix of things I bought at Amsterdam and Hasselt. My boyfriend basically ordered me to buy the weed leaf socks as a joke and well... I did. They are just funny ad he has them as well in green. The next thing is the popcorn as we don't have microwave popcorn here in Hasselt or Limburg (not that I know of?). Then there is Lush. 
We don't have a Lush  anywhere near so I thought I would buy two bathbombs. I used one already at the hotel, leaving the bad covered in golden glitter, and taking one home. We're going to redo the bathroom so the bath is going to be replaced by a walk in shower. I hope I have time to use this before the bath is gone. 
Lastly the mini Bioderma bottle. This one was bought in Hasselt. I wanted to see if there was a difference between the Garnier micellaire water or this one. So far I can't tell the difference.  
Another place I just had to visit was Topshop. I always find so much stuff online when I go on Zalando or on the Topshop website, but when I went in the actual store, I couldn't really find anything. This top and a necklace is the only thing I could find but it's my second favorite thing I bought. 
I needed some new basics so the sweater from H&M was definitely welcome. And it was only 5€! 
At H&M I also bought this  grey ribbed T-shirt for only 5€. 
Whenever I go to Amsterdam, I have to visit the Hard Rock Café with my boyfriend. The previous time I didn't buy a T-shirt, but this time I wanted one as a nice souvenir. I ended up with a grey version that is a bit washed off. I do have to say that it was too expensive for a T-shirt but hey, it's from the Hard Rock Cafe.
Next up is this lovely T-shirt from MEXX. I needed something to wear on Christmas so I decided to go for this T-shirt. I bought this in Hasselt as I work for MEXX and I got quite a lot of complements when I was wearing this. 
My most expensive purchase are these Addidas Superstar sneakers. I never really liked to wear sneakers other then Converse, but this summer I tried the Nike sneakers for the first time. I love them but since I was wearing them five days a week, they  started to smell really bad, haha. I knew it was time for an update so when I asked on my FB what sneakers to get next, everyone suggested Addidas. 
Look at this makeup! As you can see, I went a little bit crazy at Kiko. Not everything was bought at ones. I had a giftcard which I used at Kiko Hasselt, but there was a collection out that they didn't sell yet, so I want to the Kiko in Amsterdam and picked up a few bits. 
I'm thinking of doing a makeup haul video, where I do some swatches, but I'm not sure. What do you think? 

Xoxo Jana


  1. oeh mooie items van kiko en prachtige sneakers

  2. Die aankopen van Kiko zijn zo mooi, en de kwastenset! Kan je weer een tijdje op vooruit! Hele leuke shoplog, je hebt heel veel mooie spullen :D

  3. Oh die hard rock cafe t-shirt is zo leuk, fijn dat je er toch nog zo blij mee bent!

  4. Matching clothes with you boyfriend it's always fun.


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