Sunday, 25 September 2016

Where have you been?

It's not easy to be blogging when you have to go to work and I admire those who find the time.
I have been struggling to have a nice balance between work, friends and family and relaxing and also doing some volunteering at my local animal shelter.
I've always loved animals, especially dogs (obviously as i started my dog grooming class September 19th. ), so when I saw the advert that they needed new volunteers I jumped at the opportunity and signed in. When I got the call I was so happy! Every Thursday, when it was day off, I got up at 7.15 to start at 8AM. It's pretty hard work, cleaning their cages (not exactly the right word), making sure they have clean sheets to lay on, checking if everyone has enough water and toys to play with. Food is served by the staff because some dogs are on a different diet and some need their medication.
What I loved most about doing this volunteering was the joy you get when the dogs have their outdoor time and they get some love and attention from  the staff.
Now that my course has started Monday the 19th, I had to quite my volunteering. I already miss them, staff and dogs, but now its time to study for my dream job.
The reason why I haven't been blogging  is obvious because of my volunteering but also because I was planning on doing something completely different.
I still love my fashion and beauty blogs, and I'm going to keep doing them, but I wanted my blog to be more personal and more about everything I love. So what's going to be new ?
I'm thinking of doing a weekly book review as I'm obsessed with reading. I will talk  about mostly young adult books, but here and there I will talk about other books, like the ones from Anna Nooshin or Lauren Conrad, etc...
Next up, I'm thinking about blogging about my journey about becoming a dog groomer. How class is going, how I'm enjoying it, what I find difficult,...
And of course a weekly review, maybe two a week, about beauty or fashion.
So it's more of a mix between fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!
Also, what do you think about the new blogname ?
And to close this post I thought it would be cool to put pictures online from the dogs at the animal shelter in Genk.

my dog kyla

all the dogs: 
Cookie and Michi

xoxo Jana

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