Sunday, 11 December 2016

Dog grooming - How my first classes went

Hi everyone,

time for a little update on my dog grooming classes.
So far, i'm still  as excited as when I first started. I'm not the best student so when they where teaching all the theory behind the grooming, I was a bit overwhelmed.  I get courses from a veterinarian who tells us about the anatomy and physiology of dogs. Then I get courses from a man who is specialized in dog behavior. You  can compare him to Cesar Millan a bit. He is so good in teaching us seeing signals as when a dog is scared or is angry and so on...
Of course  we also get courses about the hair structures and types of fur and grooming techniques.

So far I only had to groom one dog which was a short haired English Bulldog named Jack.
Such a sweet guy, who was a bit overweight. I had to pick him up with  another student because he was so scared of all the dogs around him and not being with his family. Short haired dogs hardly every go to a groomer so Jack wasn't used to being washed and dried, but he was such a sweet boy. He didn't struggle, didn't bark, but just let it all happen. I hope his bosses gave him lot's of treats!
Hopefully next time I will have a before and after photo of the dog's I will  groom. but because of all the stress I totally forgot!
I'm now studying for my exam on the 19th December so I haven't blogged at all (sorry).

From January one, I will be doing more dogs starting with a long haired one. I still need to find a poodle so let's hope I find one in time! Fingers crossed!

xoxo Jana

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