Wednesday, 8 February 2017

My second dog

Hi guys, on the 30th of January I did my second dog at school. I was so proud of myself when I heard the owner was very pleased with how she looked. 
Let me introduce you too the lovely Ella. She is such an amazing little girl, so sweet and calm. 
While I was cutting her nails  she was constantly giving me kisses. 
At first I was a bit nervous. Was I doing everything right, was I hurting the dog. But as she relaxed on my table, I relaxed as well. I was feeling more secure because of her. 
It wasn't as difficult as I thought, only trimming the feet was a bit of a challenge as she kept moving her feet and kept pulling away. No dog likes it when you are working on there feet, so I know I have to work on that.
Other than that, class went great and I loved it! Do  you guys want to keep updated on my grooming classes? 

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