Friday, 10 February 2017

NYX - HD studio photogenic primer

So let's talk about primers, shall we? 
When I went to Maastricht a few weeks ago, I went by the Douglas store and saw NYX cosmetics. I never had any makeup from this brand but my cousin raved about it. So when I saw they had NYX cosmetics I wanted to snoop around, see if they had anything I could use. 
Luckily I just ran out of my Kiko primer, so when I saw they had a few different primers, I decided to try one out. I went with the NYX HD studio photogenic primer. 
It looked, and sounded pretty good. 
Man was I disappointed(keep reading to find out why).

This primer sounded really good, promising a lovely base for your foundation to make it look natural on photo's. When I first applied it, it felt good on the skin, not to sticky or to liquid. My foundation blended out lovely and stayed on better than expected. I was pleasantly surprised. 
Until the next day. 
My entire face was covered with this dry feeling rash. Totally panicking I went a day without makeup (day off!) but it did not decrease. 
It stayed for about a week or so. First I thought it was because off a face mask so  after my skin cleared  out again, I went in with my same routine. 
I started using this primer again (which was the only new product I was using) and after a few days, the rash came back. God I was disappointed that my skin looked horrible again. It didn't really bother me or anything but it just looked awful. I stopped using it again, and again my skin cleared out. 
Sounds like this primer gave me the rash don't you think? 
I'm not going to stop trying products from this brand, but the primers are a no-go for me! 
Did you try out one of their primers? 

xoxo Jana

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