Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Urban Decay lipstick

Okey, this is a blog I've been anticipating to write. 
I never buy expensive make-up anymore, since I think Kiko works just a great as MAC and all the rest. But when I went to Venice in August, I just had to stop by the Sephora. 
It is such a beautiful store, and it felt like heaven walking past all these amazing brands. When I stopped by Urban Decay I knew I wanted to buy something. At first I was thinking about a foundation, but I just didn't feel like asking for help when it came to the colors.
Lipstick was the next option and as a lipstick addict, it was obvious the best choise for me. 
The packaging looks smaller than most lipsticks I own, which can be a plus for when I use a smaller handbag or clutch. Other than that, I find that the packaging looks really sleek and fancy. 
The color itself is a very dark red shade with a brown undertone to it. So difficult to describe a color. 
It applies so smooth and feels so soft on the lips. The only thing I found difficult is that the color comes of in patches since it is such a dark color. For the best look, I suggest using a dark lip pencil underneath. I don't normally go for this type of lipstick but when I saw the pictures I was like 'Damn, I need to wear this one more!'. It's perfect for a night out, where you have to drink cocktails with a straw. Don't want the lipstick to smudge, do you? 
I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the longevity and pigmentation of these lipsticks. And for the same price as a MAC lipstick I think I will switch to Urban Decay for now!
Have you tried one of their lipsticks ?   

xoxo Jana

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