Friday, 9 June 2017

Fit me foundation

I bought this foundation a while ago as a back-up but never really reached for it. When I finally did try it out, I wasn't blown away by it so I stopped using it. I thought it was a sticky formula which didn't apply smoothly.
Turns out I was wrong. Using a brush with this one isn't the best option in my opinion. When I fell out of my all time favorite foundation l'oreal true mach in Vanilla, I had to use this one. I decided to use my beautyblender with it this time, and it looked so much better!
It blended out evenly and matched pretty well with my pale complexion. Its suppose to look matte, but i'm not 100% convinced on that part.
If I would repurchase this foundation? I guess not. I think their are better drugstore foundations for the same price.

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