Saturday, 10 June 2017

Groomer talk - What i'm taking with me to my grooming exam & stress ?

If people ask me how stressed I am on a level from 1-10 for my grooming exam on Monday, I would give myself a fat 12/10. I just can't help it, but i'm so stressed about it. For some reason I always think i'm going to fail and because I think i'm going to fail and have stress, I often fail. So yeah, it's like an endless circle. 
I am trying to breath and be as calm as possible and get enough sleep so hopefully I will break this endless circle and pass! 
Now I thought it would be fun to show you guys some of the grooming items i'm going to take with me to school. Everything is listed above the right photo! 
Btw, what do you  think of my new grooming table my dog is testing out ?

 Starting off with the brushes: I've got my two slicker brushes with me (green and purple), my universal brushes (triangle and rectangular brush) and then my pin brush. These are the basic brushes I believe every groomer should own! 
Up next I've got some clips for when I do my long haired dog (see 3th picture), then I've got my 3 combs going from big to small, my black poodle comb and then the Artero matt breaker.
In this picture you can see the ear cleaner (I will also use eye cleaner) and Quick stop for when you cut the nails to short and it starts bleeding. I also have a pair of tweezers for plucking out the ears and my curvy defining shears and my little black shears for cutting between the dog pads.  

And of course towels! Very important! 

xoxo Jana 

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