Friday, 3 November 2017

Groomer talk - Groomania 2017 through a visitors eyes

Hi everyone,
let's talk about an event that was a huge motivation for me to start my second year of dog grooming. With school we went to  Groomania, which is a grooming competition held in Kortrijk Belgium. There are competitors from all over the world so it's interesting to see everybody's grooming style.
 I also loved the seminars but I didn't like that it took so long to translate everything in three different languages. I understand that not everybody speaks Dutch but English and French and Dutch was just a bit to much in my opinion. Other than that it was an overall great experience. I think every starting groomer or student should visit a grooming competition ones during their start or course, just because I think it gives so much motivation.
Maybe one day, I will give it a try myself, but first, lets try to make it through this school year.

Xoxo Jana 

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