Friday, 26 January 2018

Groomer talk - Grooming an English Cocker Spaniël

The teachers told me that in the second year of dog grooming, one would know which breed they would enjoy grooming the most. And I have found mine!
The English Cocker Spaniel is a breed I have know since I was a kid, so I know there loving personalities. They are stubborn, loud, but very loving and kind. It's a breed that has a lot of energy but can also be very lazy.  

Meet Smokey, A beautiful blue roan English cocker spaniel. She is super excited and as you can see from the picture above, very happy to be groomed. The first time I took her to school, I had so much work with hand plucking the dog, I didn't had time to scissor the feet and all the rest. I managed to pluck her entire back and legs but the head was done with scissors so I couldn't pluck it at the time. The teacher told me we would try to do this the next time.  
When I took her to school the second time, I knew I still had a ton of work cut out for me... Luckily Smokey is such a sweet dog who just let me do everything to her. By the end of this class, I managed to pluck her head completely, and I've groomed her feet. The teacher helped me with scissoring all the rest, but overall I'm very pleased with how I did. Smokey looks so much better then before!
If you are a groomer: what dog is your favorite to groom?
xoxo Jana

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