Hi, welcome to Amoreforfashion, my personal little webspace where I write about all things fashion and beauty related. 
It all started in 2013 when www.amoreforfashion.blogspot.be went live and I took pictures with my phone. Not the best option when writing about beauty or fashion as the quality wasn't as good as today. Now it's 2015, I just relaunched my website and let's be honest, the picture quality is way better for a at least a year. 
Now a bit about me: I'm Jana and I live in Belgium. I'm in a long term relationship since I'm 17 and my boyfriend is always very supportive in everything I do. Thank god for him, or www.amoreforfashion.com wouldn't even exist ! 

If you have any questions, feel  free to ask! 

xoxo Jana 

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